Pete Vintage, what's in a name? When you look up Vintage in a dictionary you'll find this: 'Characterized by excellence, maturity, and enduring appeal; classic'. One might say I persist in doing what I do best; entertaining people with dance-music.

But times are changing. The digital revolution led from one thing to another. No-one could have predicted that some clubs no longer provide actual CD-players, let alone record-players... Since it's gettin' harder and harder to find new releases on vinyl, I started to look elsewhere... Lots of nice services and dj-sites on the web. I opted to buy only Wavs and Vinyl. They're a bit more expensive, but infinitely superior to Mp3's.

Although I often get the feeling - I've been there, I've done that before - I'm continuously aiming to do better. This attitude brought me to places as Bar Mirwaar - N.E.S.T. - Café Théatre - Belmondo -Trefpunt - De Relex - Baar - De Sioux - De Cocteau - Cirque Mystic - White Cat - Oldskool XL - Charlatan - Sinner's Day Festival - Spoor 3 - Olds Cool Festival and a series of parties and events over the past few decades. I must admit that the legendary 55 is a good opener, since most entrepreneurs have heard of this notorious 80s club. I used to be a resident there.

To get to know me better, listen to an exclusive set of mine on Studio Brussels; Pete Vintage @ Studio-Ibiza.
Or check out my new Hearthis.at channel.

So far this introduction. Let's come to the point. I'm specialized in smaller private parties. Actually they're tailor-made. In order to get an idea of your particular preference, it takes a visit to my place. There we can do some fine-tuning. It's YOUR party, not mine. Also included in my reasonable fee are a compact though powerful sound-system, 2 sets moving heads, an Allen & Heath Xone DB4 and 2 Denon SC6000 players.



08 april 2022 - Oldskool XL - Charlatan (Gent)

10 june 2022 - Wedding Party T&S (Wetteren)

24 june 2022 Sinner's Day Festival (Oostende)

July & august 2022 - Spoor 3 (Lede) (residency)

26 august 2022 - Volksbal - B2B with Studio Galaxy 2000 (Marktplein Lede)

06 january 2023 - BD-Party (Lede)

29 january 2023 - W.A.R.P. (Sint-Niklaas)

03 february 2023 - Company Special 1999 (Vilvoorde)

July & august 2023 - Spoor 3 (Lede) (residency)

09 & 10 september 2023 - Olds Cool Festival '23 (Ninove)

07 october 2023 - W.A.R.P. - Disco-Soul Dance Event (Sint-Niklaas)

30 december 2023 - Spoor 3 (Lede)

16 march 2024 - 80-ies Party (Cocteau Gent)

11 may 2024 - Private Party @ The Garage

W H A T 'S N E X T

26 may 2024 - Silent Disco (Parkfeesten Lede)

16 june 2024 - Aged 60-Party (Lede)

28 june 2024 - BBQ-Party (Harelbeke)

12 july 2024 - F&L Wedding Celebration

17 august - AC-Party (Gent)

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Pete Vintage

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