Pete Vintage, what's in a name? When you look up Vintage in a dictionary you'll find this: 'Characterized by excellence, maturity, and enduring appeal; classic'.

One might say I persist in doing what I do best; entertaining people with dance-music. I'm attempting a come-back recently. I know this sounds awkward, moreover since I used to be a main player in the roaring eighties. I'm actually in pursuit of my next 15' of fame. Plenty of good deejays, I agree. Yes! But I couldn't care less. I've always been in favour of some competition. It helps to uplift the level in general.

But times are changing and the digital revolution led from one thing to another. No-one could have predicted that some clubs no longer provide actual record-players... Since it's gettin' harder and harder to find new releases on vinyl, I started to look elsewhere... Lots of nice services and dj-sites on the web. I opted to buy only Wavs and Vinyl. They're a bit more expensive but infinitely superior to Mp3's.

Although I often get the feeling – I've been there, I've done that before – I'm continuously aiming to do better. This attitude brought me to places as N.E.S.T. - Café Théatre - Belmondo -Trefpunt - De Relex - Baar – De Sioux - Cirque Mystic – White Cat – Charlatan and a series of parties and festivities over the past few months. I must admit that the legendary 55 is a good opener since most entrepreneurs have heard of this notorious 80's club. I used to be a resident there.

This very summer a set-recording of mine is being streamed @ studioibiza.fm - a new concept by Studio Brussel.
The first time it was scheduled on sunday 10th of july. This is the start of several broadcasts throughout the whole summer...

So far this introduction. If you spot Pete Vintage on a billboard or club website, just come and join the party. And let me entertain you.



04 february 2017 - Saturday Night Fever - Disco Party - Café Théatre (Gent)

25 february 2017 - K&T's BD-Party - Sioux (Gent)

22 april 2017 - Steekbierenfest - De Relex (Heusden)

04 june 2017 - N.E.S.T. (Gent)

11 june 2017 - DJ-Set all-night - Trefpunt (Gent)

30 june2017 - After-Work Party - (Oostende)

15 july 2017 - W&L - (Private Party)

27 july 2017 - C&S - (Private Party)

29 july 2017 - Boiler Garden (Haaltert)

14 august 2017 - T&S - (Private Party)

02 september 2017 - Lolpop - (Wichelen)

21 october 2017 - CD - Yacht Club (Private Party)

28 january 2018 - DJ-Set all-night - Trefpunt (Gent)


21 april 2018 - Streekbierenfest - De Relex (Heusden)

16 june 2018 - Les E.T. - Sioux (Gent)

30 june 2018 - D's BD-Party - (Private)

19 october - I&T - Cocteau (Gent - Invite only)

27 october - BD-Party (Private)

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Piet Weynants a.k.a. Pete Vintage

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